Our Guarantee

Each Eklund Griffin product is handmade by skilled craftsmen in New England. Every part of the bovine leather hide- specially tanned for EG- is used to reduce waste and, as a result, each bag may vary slightly in grain variation and color, which is inherent to natural leather. Over time the leather surface will age with the rich, natural patina that carries the continuing story of your daily adventures. 

We proudly guarantee that every purchase from Eklund Griffin online, or one of our authorized stockists, meets our high standards of quality. This guarantee includes a two-year repair policy for the structural function of our bags under normal use and anything that may be the result of manufacturing defects. Cosmetic issues are not covered under our repair policy.

Please contact repairs@eklundgriffin.com with questions about the repair policy or to make a repair request for your Eklund Griffin bag.

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